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Sound Without Compromise

VEDDAN is redefining the Hifi world.
With a new patented system you hear all the details,
360 degrees, as if you are live…

ListeningI want my VEDDAN

A new standard…

After more than 5 years of research, testing and listening in the beautiful Dutch region called “de Achterhoek”, a place famous for it’s mesmerizing landscapes, silence and… Innovation. A new standard in Hifi was created…

The art of music…

In today’s life, our time is most valuable. This precious time deserves to be filled with the best quality available. We love to listen to our favorite music: It can truly touch our heart and calm our soul. Beautiful music is an art that deserves to be played as it was created. We redefine the way music is played for you: As if you are live, but in the comfort of your home.

The art of sound.

To play sound without restriction, we invented a new patented solution to play the art of music. No traditional speakers but the way nature produces sounds: Transparent, detailed and dynamic. You do not only hear the music, but also sense the space it was played and the location of every instrument. The VEDDAN Origin speaker is build by hand with perfection, no sacrifice is made to produce the best sound in the world today!


Origin is the name of the first VEDDAN speaker series after more than a decade research & development.
This Hifi speaker is made for the music and sound lovers who demand the ultimate experience for their valuable listening time

With the VEDDAN WiSA stereo hub you can connect wireless to any USB or Optical source. Future upgrades available.


Each VEDDAN Origin speaker is equipped with the VEDDAN sound technology (Patent Pend.). A huge surface, thinner than half a hair, corrugated almost 360 degrees around. It delivers unsurpassed detail, soundspectrum and depth. The sound radiates almost 360 degrees around, the same way as we experience it in our daily lives.

People say…

“Like removing a blanket, fantastic!”

“Incredible, I never heard speakers like this!”

“Finally you don’t hear the speakers, only naked music…”

“So transparent, so spacious, as if you can walk through the music…”