Origin is the name of the first VEDDAN speaker series after more than a decade research & development. This Hifi speaker is made for the music and sound lovers who demand the ultimate experience for their valuable listening time.

Each VEDDAN Origin speaker is equipped with the VEDDAN sound technology (Patent Pend.). A huge surface of less than 0.02mm foil corrugated almost 360 degrees around, delivering unsurpassed performance.

An integrated 1500 Watt amplifier and Wisa wireless support deliver the dynamics and ease of use.


  • Unparalleled transparent, detailed and open sound characteristics. 
  • 1500 Watt active music silo speakers with Sub integrated.
  • 115 dB(a) sound level.
  • 270 degree sound radiation per speaker.
  • 1Hz-24kHz sound spectrum.
  • Wired and Wisa wireless connection.
  • Up to 8 speakers can be connected wireless.
  • Size & weight: 30cm diameter, 130cm height. Weight: 40 Kg.


€ 7500,00 per speaker
€ 1250,00 for the WiSA hub*

* With the VEDDAN WiSA hub you can connect op to 8 channels surround with VEDDAN speakers, wireless to any USB or Optical source. Future upgrades available.