Our lives are getting busier every day and we earn more money. This makes our free time more and more precious. Time that we love to fill with beautiful music. Music wakes us up in the morning and lets us fall asleep carefree. It can really touch our heart and calm our souls when every detail is played perfectly. We simply deserve these moments, filled with music that is played in the best possible way. 

This love for music is the reason why we have reinvented the way music is played. Music is art and deserves to be played the way it was made, without any compromises. After years of hard work, we have developed a new patented technology. Not a traditional speaker, but speakers that play music as nature produces music: transparent, detailed and dynamic. As if you are live with your favorite artist, but with the comfort of your own home.



Close your eyes, feel the space and even the location of each instrument of your favorite piece of music.

Our team is ready to tell you all about our speaker and let you experience the beauty of the sound it produces. You will discover the power of VEDDAN speakers by listening to different types of music.

Will we see you soon?



Introducing: VEDDAN ~ All Time Favorites

Introducing: VEDDAN ~ All Time Favorites

We are regularly asked which music we use when testing or demonstrating our speakers. A good question, we have played quite a few songs over the years that we would, of course, like to...

VEDDAN Loudspeaker Concept. Scoop for ACL

VEDDAN Loudspeaker Concept. Scoop for ACL

On the 9th of September we were guests at the Audioclub Limburg in Geleen. An exciting moment for us, because tonight we are exhibiting the Origin speaker outside the door for the first...