Introducing: VEDDAN ~ All Time Favorites

We are regularly asked which music we use when testing or demonstrating our speakers. A good question, we have played quite a few songs over the years that we would, of course, like to share with you. We are going to collect these songs for you in a Tidal playlist.

On this list you can find songs that we use when testing our speakers, that we find really beautiful ourselves or that have been recorded perfectly. A varied collection of songs, perfect for high-end speakers. Every week we add a few songs and write a short article about what is so special about one of these songs.

WEEK 42: Johnny Cash – Bird On A Wire

We kick off this playlist with the song that has undoubtedly been played most often on our speakers. At the end of a highly successful, commercial career spanning more than 50 years, Johnny Cash released the song “Bird On A Wire”, a cover of Leonard Cohen’s song of the same name. Anyone who has followed Cash’s career will know that his voice got darker over the years. That can be heard perfectly in this song.

Recorded in a mountain cabin with only one microphone, the song is the best way to convey the essence of his music, according to Cash. What makes this song so unique, in our opinion, is the fact that it is unpolished, unlike many modern songs that often get polished after recording. For example, at the beginning of the song, Cash once (accidentally) bumps the microphone stand. Nice detail: this can only be heard on the more expensive systems.