REVIEW: VEDDAN loudspeaker concept. Scoop for ACL

On the 9th of September we were guests at the Audioclub Limburg in Geleen. An exciting moment for us, because tonight we are exhibiting the Origin speaker outside the door for the first time. We can not imagine a better place for this than with a group of audio enthusiasts. It was a pleasant, educational evening full of great reactions. The audioclub wrote a report about this evening. This report has been translated from Dutch. View the original version via the website of Audioclub Limburg.

“With four men they traveled from the Achterhoek, that must be something special! And yes, it is! We have the scoop that the VEDDAN Origin, as these speakers are called, are demonstrated “live” outside the door for the first time. These speakers have already been given a face via, but now we can listen to them in our own club room and assess the unique idea of creator Andr√© Kamperman. Our visitors therefore come with the explicit request to listen critically to their design and share their impressions and experience.

Indeed, the loudspeakers do not look ordinary. Two cylinders one above each other, a space between with a lid on top. No electrostats, horn speakers or open-baffle speakers as in common cases. The top cylinder is fully perforated to keep the housing as small as possible. Inside this cylinder, thin foil is projected as it were “onto a flower”. In this way it forms a magnetostat to obtain the largest possible surface area. Because the foil is completely round, it radiates uniformly, so that phase problems are a thing of the past. This is how the high and medium frequencies are controlled. For the low tones we go to the bottom cylinder, which is adjusted to 20 Hertz. The bass unit is in a closed system, therefore there is no time shift. This lower cylinder also contains the electronics for control (own class D amplifiers), DSP and for the analogue/digital connections via XLR and/or WiSA (24bit, 96kHz). For a more detailed description, visit

Audioclub Limburg - VEDDAN Origin demo

The nice thing about this system is that it is fully adaptable in a room using DSP to maximize the experience. This service can be provided on delivery. To give an impression of the speakers, 5 pieces are played, this is done via a laptop and DA converter, an XLR connection, with own files, Tidal and Qobuz as sources: very transparent in the middle and high, stereo image everywhere, fast, good timing and phase clean. Given the space in which they now play, they are certainly speakers with potential!

Audioclub Limburg - VEDDAN Origin

The aforementioned request for critical notes did not fall on a deaf ears; various listening experiences and impressions were exchanged and received as constructive criticism by the demo givers. All in all, a very nice system; not cheap, but a unique design, beautifully finished and with all electronics on board. Finally, request numbers were played via the streaming services, to which the members could respond.

In any case, the gentlemen ensured a very successful evening with their presentation, enthusiasm and speakers! And the members of the audio club have heard a speaker system of truly extraordinary class this evening!


  • Yosi Horikawa – Bubbles
  • Jan Akkerman – Wildflower / All together… Oh That!
  • Shelby Lynne – Just A Little Lovin’
  • Bully Raffoul – Acoustic
  • Diana Krall – Blue Skies
  • The O’Neill Brothers Group – Away In A Manger
  • Anette Askvik – Liberty
  • Diana Krall – No Moon At All
  • The Fairfield Four – These Bones
  • Johnny Cash – Bird On A Wire
  • Nina Simone – Sinnerman
  • King King – More Than I Can Take
  • John Grant – Pale Green Ghosts
  • Beth Heart & Joe Bonamassa – I’d Rather Go Blind
  • Peter Gabriel – Sky Blue
  • Graeme Connors – 60 Summers
  • Ola Gjello – Ubi Caritas
Audioclub Limburg - VEDDAN Origin demo
Audioclub Limburg - VEDDAN Origin demo
Audioclub Limburg - VEDDAN Origin demo
Audioclub Limburg - VEDDAN Origin demo
Audioclub Limburg - VEDDAN Origin demo
Audioclub Limburg - VEDDAN Origin demo