Origin speakers: Revolution from ‘the Achterhoek’

After the guys of HiFi.nl were already present at the announcement of the Origin speaker in November 2019, we kept in touch with them. From the start, they were very enthusiastic about our product and the philosophy behind it. In the meantime, we have of course been busy, a lot of time has been invested in optimizing the Origin. About three quarters of a year later, it seemed like a good time to invite them again. This time for a ‘HiVisit‘ at our office. They wrote an article on the occasion of this successful afternoon. This report has been translated from Dutch. View the original version via the website of HiFi.nl

“The Dutch loudspeaker brand Veddan invited us in the autumn of 2019 for a product presentation at a special location, and since the beginning of this summer, the various models of the new brand are now widely available. As we’ve already announced that we have a HiVisit on the agenda, it is high time for a visit to Veddan in Doetinchem where we learn everything about the Veddan Origin…”

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