VEDDAN, Sound without compromise

After we visited the Audioclub Limburg a few weeks ago, this time a visit to Oirschot in Brabant was on the program. At the invitation of the Audioclub Oost Brabant, we were once again allowed to show our Origin speaker to a group of audio enthusiasts. We are pleased that the club has thought well with us about the set-up of this evening, so that everything fitted within the applicable corona measures. After an evening full of beautiful music and compliments, we returned to the Achterhoek with a great feeling. The club has written a report about this evening. This report has been translated by us from Dutch. View the original version via the website of Audioclub Oost Brabant.

“On the demo evening of September 17th, Alfred, André, Joris and Rens from VEDDAN (Doetinchem) were our guests with their Origin speakers. It took them about 6 years to develop a beautiful system that, in terms of design, technology and performance, stands out from other systems that we have already seen and heard.

VEDDAN demo night Audioclub Oost Brabant
VEDDAN demo night Audioclub Oost Brabant

In principle, it is a two-part system, which is mainly made of aluminum and stainless steel. The bottom part is a closed cylindrical construction in which a 10-inch woofer with aluminum cone is located, which guarantees all frequencies below 150 Hz. The upper part consists of 40 magnetostatic membranes, placed in 5 directions and working from 150 Hz.

VEDDAN demo night Audioclub Oost Brabant

Together, all these drivers in this setup provide a beautiful radiant sound. The subwoofer is placed close to the magnetostatic elements, so that its complement to the sound image is ideal. VEDDAN means “forward”, “continue” and they want to simulate the real, natural, live sounds as much as possible. We all think the technology is very interesting and are very curious what the result will be. The demo givers would also really like to introduce us to the speakers by simply listening.

Anette Askvik – Liberty

A very pleasant first acquaintance! The voice spreads well through the room, also comes loose from the speaker. Instruments come across well, details stand out well. The bass reproduction is very impressive. Due to the rock-hard aluminum housing without a port we do not hear any coloring here. The saxophone at the end sounds lifelike!

Jan Akkerman – Wildflower / All together… Oh That! (live)

Nice live recording. Every detail of the guitar can be heard. You can hear exactly how the guitar is played, from finger movements across the strings to the resonance in the sound box. Magnificent!

The Fairfield four – These bones

Now some male voices, known from the previous demo. This is going well. Sounds nice live and pure and reproduces the “body” of the voices well. Dynamics in the voices can therefore be reproduced perfectly by this set.

Diana Krall – No moon at all

Piano and cello in the intro are beautifully reproduced, just sound exactly as they should. You just hear the character of the instruments when this set of speakers is playing! Few speakers have done this so neatly.

The main reason that the men of VEDDAN have come to us is to get our input, because as audiophiles and hobbyists we are critical listeners. So after these songs we move onto playing our request songs. In this way we can, with songs that we know well, gain an even better impression of this magnificent speaker set.

VEDDAN demo night Audioclub Oost Brabant

Yuri Honing trio – Walking on the moon

This song sounds very dynamic but even the smallest and softest details are audible and sounds as natural as it should be.

As a listener of these speakers you will meet every song full of expectations, because you are always curious about how this set will surprise you. It happens again with this number. You hear the dynamics and timbre that suits the instrument. Added coloring by the speaker is really minimal.

Buddy Holly – True love ways

Wonderful how “real” this voice sounds and how beautifully it rises above the instrumental accompaniment. Great to hear how this set deals with an old recording like this one. Apparently the recording technique used in the past was not bad at all. No matter how tight and clean the speaker looks, with this song it comes across very warm and smooth.

Rickie Lee Jones – Easy money

A well-known song to many. The voice comes across a little more “lively” than I am used to. I hear a lot of detail in the instruments and individually they are very well audible in the entire range from high to low. This speaker does this really well. Again, we hear a very open and natural reproduction.

Paul Simon – Sound of silence (live 2011)

Live is also fine! The radiating effect worked really well, because Paul’s voice spreads neatly and naturally in the room.

VEDDAN demo night Audioclub Oost Brabant

Imelda May – Call me

At my request a number that I know well myself. Voice sounds nice and spacious and the bass reproduction is nice and deep, creating an extra contrast effect in terms of space. Here the set is also dynamic, but at the same time a relaxed sound reproduction is delivered.

Ulla Meinecke – Die Tänzerin

We have heard this song many times. Extremely suitable for this speaker, looking at the immediacy in the recording, which this speaker processes well. Everything that happens in this song can be picked up by the listener. Everyone can appreciate the dynamics in this song.

Pink Floyd – Comfortably numb

This just sounds like how Pink Floyd is supposed to sound, with the wonderful “fat” bass. Very musical and rhythmic. Voice does not blend into the whole but plays on a different level.

Dave Brubeck quartet – Take five

Decently. Instruments can be heard seperately, this should also be the case, but we can continue to distinguish the characters of the instruments well and the spatiality is preserved. Stereo image is fine. The “claps” of the percussion that we hear on the left, we hear on the right in the right proportions and on the right timing.

We agree that a performance is being achieved on several fronts. The hall was quiet, everyone was listening attentively and after every song there were only positive reactions. The VEDDAN team members also enjoyed doing it themselves. They also think that all types of music should sound good on the speakers, which is why they were also open to our input.

Havn – The sea

More modern recordings are also going very well. This song also sounds very dynamic in its own way. Sounds good, lots of clear details but also a bass reproduction that is solid as a rock.

Roger Waters – It’s a miracle

This song already sounds very spacious, especially the part in the beginning with the children playing far in the background. The song gets more and more dynamic, but it does not impose itself at any time. We can just relax and listen until the end of the song.

Dallas Wind Symphony – The padstow lifeboat

This orchestra sounds loose and open, but above all “real”. And we hear a dynamic that you can expect in reality. These speakers just work.

VEDDAN demo night Audioclub Oost Brabant
VEDDAN demo night Audioclub Oost Brabant

Cor thanks the gentlemen of VEDDAN and closes this impressive evening with the compliment that they have been able to convert technique so well into this beautiful result with a lot of musicality and transparency.”

This report was written in Dutch by Cyriel Hoenen, images made by Jeroen Klijntunte.