Imagine a world in which listening to music in your private space sounds as perfect as when it is played live. So detailed that you can even hear the location of the different instruments. We believe this is possible. By challenging the rules and technologies previously used.

Traditional speakers have become increasingly better since its invention. However, this development is mainly due to improved elements, in a concept that is more than 100 years old. In this development, insufficient attention has been paid to the minor disadvantages that these systems entail. Years of listening and researching speakers have led to the following design principles:

VEDDAN Speaker reduced membrane mass

Ultra lightweight membranes for highly detailed music.

VEDDAN Speakers increased surface

Large surface for sound production.

VEDDAN Ultra Fast Membrane module

One element for all frequencies from 150Hz to 24kHz.

Centralized sound source.

VEDDAN speakers use the strongest possible motors to drive the speaker

Powerful motors ensure fastest movements.

VEDDAN speakers have a symmetrical design for best performance

Symmetrical design for the highest efficiency and accuracy.

These principles were the starting point for the graduation assignment of one of our engineers. Where this assignment ended after the theoretical part, we continued at full speed. Because we have full confidence in our idea. Years of even more research, testing and listening passed. We have restarted several times because we are only satisfied with perfection. It is the love for music and innovation, something typically ‘Achterhoeks’, that drives us every day.