Shipping and
Delivery Policy

The Customer is solely responsible for any shipping fees, custom duties and miscellaneous taxes for the return of a Product transported outside the Customer’s country of domicile. All fees for a Product return to Veddan shall be borne by the Customer in the event where the Customer places the order from a country where he is not domiciled or in the event where the Customer purchases the Product in one country but transports the Product to another country which is not the country of original purchase. Such returns must initially be made by informing Veddan’s Customer Care who will inform the Customer on how to do a proper return. All returns by the Customer are to be made with an accredited shipper that provides a tracking number. The Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that the Product arrives safely at Veddan’s return center.



An order will be generally delivered by the indicative delivery date stated in the Order Confirmation. Delivery dates are estimates only and may change depending on events outside of Veddan’s control, such as the carrier in charge of the delivery and the Customer’s location. Veddan is not liable for any shipment delays. If Veddan is unable to meet an estimated delivery date, Veddan will contact the Customer with a revised estimated delivery date. If Veddan is unable to deliver an order within sixty (60) days from the date of the Order Confirmation, the Customer is entitled to cancel his order, upon which he will be refunded the amount of the canceled order.

The delivery will be fulfilled when the Products are delivered to the delivery address provided by the Customer at its own responsibility.

If no one is available at the Customer’s address to sign for the delivery, the carrier will leave a delivery note with instructions for the Customer to reschedule delivery within a time period specified by the carrier or alternatively to pick up the order at the local depot as instructed by the carrier.

If the Customer fails to pick up the order or accept a rescheduled delivery within the time period specified by the carrier or by Veddan, then Veddan reserves the right to terminate the order, and to subsequently reimburse the Customer and resell the Product.

Notwithstanding the legal warranties of any Product based on applicable law, the Customer shall verify that the order and Product delivered conforms with the order, as shown in the Customer’s Order Confirmation.

If the Product or the packaging of the Product is damaged on delivery or in case of non-conformity of the Product with the Customer’s Order Confirmation, it is the Customer’s responsibility to decline the delivery and promptly inform Veddan that the Customer is declining the delivery.

The Customer shall verify the Product’s conformity within five (5) days from the date of delivery and shall express any claim to Veddan via or by sending a letter addressed to : Veddan – Logistiekweg 3, 7007CJ, Doeitnchem, The Netherlands

Any Product which has been damaged during transportation or any non-conformity of the Product with regards to the Order Confirmation, and whose delivery has been declined by the Customer will be replaced or refunded by Veddan at no additional cost. Such return of the Products shall be made through Veddan’s Customer Service and/or, in any case, according to Veddan’s instructions and requirements.

If the Customer fails to decline the delivery of a damaged or non-conforming Product or a damaged packaging within the twenty (20) day period, a replacement or a refund of the Product will be at Veddan’s discretion and might incur extra charges for the Customer.